Sensory tubs

I was googling and searching for a few ideas for sensory activities to add to the boy’s day. I came across  Counting Coconut’s blog.  It has inspired me to make Sensory Tubs!

Since it is Autumn (Fall) now (it started today), I have been looking at the Fall Sensory Tubs for ideas.

Here are links to some of them:
November Sensory Tub I love how this one has straw and a scarecrow it looks so cute.

September Sensory Tub

I plan to make them up once a month and then change then after a month not sure if i will need to make more then one tub. I guess if the boys fight alot i will make more then one.

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Science & a few pics

Cody's science folder

Cody coloured in his Science folder with green arms, hen I asked him why he said zombies look after earth more then people do.



playing with flour

Today we are watching Where the wild things are, and we are learning about fingerprints.

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Pictures i edited

I edited these pictures and added qoutes using Picnik.

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We finger painted outside today with some cornflour paint.

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Our Start to February

Tyson playing with playdough

I made some playdough today while the boys were napping (for some recipes check out this link ). Charlie & Tyson loved playing with playdough. Their favourite part as when Daddy got on the floor and joined in too.

Charlie while playing with the playdough

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Saturdays & Sundays

The boys working away


Normally we don’t do schoolwork on a Saturday but Cody and Tyson decided they wanted too, so why say no? They did some work from the workbooks we picked up from Big W a few weeks ago. Tyson has a basic Preschool level workbook that covers everything such as handwriting, shapes, maths etc. Cody has two workbooks one for handwriting and one for maths which is for ages 5-7yrs old.


While I was sewing away, Charlie kidnapped my fabric to make himself a toga/cape.

Charlie kidnapped my fabric

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Fort mischief

inside the fort

Take 1 big cardboard box, some tape and 3 boys and what do you get? A fort, of course!  well my fort building skills are not that great but the boys seem to like my attempt haha!

the fort

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